Stora Karlsö



A bit of an adventure and a great experience.


Despite its namn, Stora (Greater) Karlsö is only 2,5 km2 in area, but is a host to a wealth of species and is a High Nature Value site. The singular geology and location in the Baltic Sea offer unique cliff edges, where Guillemots congregate to breed, and attract rarities, such as the Barred Warbler and Large blue butterfly. The island also has an interesting cultural history, going back to the Stone Age.

You can stay the night in the lighthouse or in our hostel. The restaurant is available for visitors at Stora Karlsö.

  • Conference: Smaller groups
  • Food: Restaurant
  • English, German
  • Duration: Minimum 4,5 hours
  • Capacity: 110 boat seats
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Stora Karlö Island: 30 km from Visby plus a nature reserve

Office and departure: In the harbour of Klintehamn

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Phone : +46 468 240500



Our Hours

MON-FRI 08:00 – 14:00

SAT-SUN 09:00 – 12:00

During high season; May – August 

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