Gotland Hiking Week



Hiking on Gotland with our excellent guides 

Gotland Hiking Week

Come hike Gotland with us. The island has 800 km of coastline and we Gotlanders love to hike along the sea where we are close to culture and countryside. Small fishing hamlets, rauk fields, forests, beaches, high cliffs and windswept pines. 

Gotland Hiking Week is a week for nature lovers, arranged both in the spring and the autumn. In spring you get magical light and budding greenery. In autumn glorious  colours, clear air and truffles.

Our skilled guides lead hiking tours between 12 – 24km. The price includes food and all transport. Good locally produces food is important on our hikes.

No limit on the number of participants.

Start from Hotel St Clemens or where participants are staying. 

  • Capacity: Up to 20 people in each hiking group
  • Duration: 4 hours - 4 days
  • Food: locally produces food
  • Language: English , Swedish
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Start Location

Hotell S:t Clemens,

Smedjegatan 3, 621 55 VISBY

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Phone : +46 498 21 90 00




Hiking in spring: 28 April – 3 May 2020

Hiking in autumn: 9-13 October 2019 & 14-18 October 2020

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