Visit our doers

Visit our doers

You cannot find the unique nature of Gotland anywhere else in the world. Here, you can hike, bike, climb, surf or simply just enjoy the moment. Take the opportunity to really explore the nature and all the places and adventures the island offers during your stay!



A bit of an adventure and a great experience

Despite its namn, Stora (Greater) Karlsö is only 2,5 km2 in area, but is a host to a wealth of species and is a High Nature Value site. The singular geology and location in the Baltic Sea offer unique cliff edges, where Guillemots congregate to breed, and attract rarities, such as the Barred Warbler and Large blue butterfly. The island also has an interesting cultural history, going back to the Stone Age.

You can stay the night in the lighthouse or in our hostel. Resturant available.

Capacity: Max 110 guests on the boat

Language: English, German, Swedish

Season: May 9 – September 1 2019

Activity duration: Min 4,5 hours

Karlsö Jagt och Djurskyddsförenings AB

Hamnen Klintehamn

0468-240500 booking


Explore Gotland in 3 hours.

Join Gotland Museum on an educational excursion and enjoy Gotland’s special places and things. Visit a medieval church, discover beautiful nature, Gotland’s bellowing meadows and ancient remains. Discover raukar (the island’s unusual sea stacks) stone formations along the beautiful, barren stone coastline.

Come along with the best guides for a bus trip on Gotland and choose from several different tours.

Capacity: Bus groups

Language: English, german, Swedish

Season: All year around

Activity duration: 3 hours

Gotland Museum

Strandgatan 14

621 56 Visby

+46 498-292700

Stiftelsen Bergmancenter

Meet the world’s most famous film director at his favourite place

We help you with a guided tour of Bergman Center, tailor-made Bergman safaris, or to organize a conference in this cinematic world heritage with the sea as your neighbour. We can even arrange film tours and round trips to the recording sites, or just drop by for a film-inspired lunch.

If you have international guests, the combination of Ingmar Bergman together with Fårö is an unbeatable attraction.

Capacity: Meetings up to 64 visitors

Up to 5 bus loads simultaneously for

guided tours at Bergman’s Fårö.

Language: English, Swedish

Season: The center is open May –

September. You can enjoy conferences,

guided tours etc, all year round

Activity duration: 45 min – 2,5 hours,

conference; as long as you need


Stiftelsen Bergmancenter på Fårö,

Svens 1118, 624 66 Fårö

+46 498-226868

Physical group activities


High-end bikes and magic adventures

Discover the beautiful coast of Gotland by bike together with our skilled guide. Bring your own bike or rent a suitable one at Bikeoholic. 

Bikes of different types available for rent at Bikeoholic. High-end road bikes, cyclocross, MTB as well as more ordinary city-bikes that suits the not-so-experienced rider. 

More bikes available for rent from early spring until september. 

Capacity cycling group: 50

Meeting room: 20

Language: English

Season: Open all year around.


Donnersgatan 6A,

623 77 Klintehamn

+46 498-400040


Mountain biking or climbing Gotland´s finest cliff.

Our extremely varied biking tour takes you through forests, coastal roads and paths where you need to focus on your biking as well as the fantastic views.

Climbing on Gotland is an adventure for everyone. Climbing is a fun and social sport where you climb at your own level towards goals that you decide, in the company of others.

Capacity: group sizes 12-24 persons

Language: English, Swedish

Season: 1 April – 31 October

Gotland Active Store

Hamngatan 4

62157 Visby

+46 498-230300

Gotland Bike Park

Sweden’s largest cross-country park.

Gotland Bike Park is a unique park with unlimited possibilities. The whole of Gotland is perfect for cycling, especially the countryside around Slite.

We offer everything from easy family-friendly biking along the coast on small, pleasant dirt roads to road biking on areas fairly traffic free, to challenging terrain for mountain bike enthusiasts.

There are all kinds of bikes and accessories for you to rent at our sports centre and bike shop. You can even get tips on bike rides that suit you and your level.

One of the country’s largest mountain bike parks with 240 km of trails, single tracks, pump tracks and flow trails.

Capacity: Meetings up to 300 visitors

Language: English, German, Swedish

Season: All year around

Gotland Bike Park

Strandvägen 14

624 48 Slite

+46 498-652630